HOPKINS STUDIO is committed to:
-making unique and creative images that also are  timeless but contemporary
-producing a product of high quality
-providing competitive pricing, and
-ensuring the highest levels of friendly customer  service.


Karen has been fortunate to have many life experiences that have come together in her love of photography. From her college experience in Australia working in the darkroom, shaking the tray and watching the image magically appear in front of her on the paper, Karen was addicted and began her love affair with images.

Karen has a botany degree and loves to photograph in the fields. She has a teaching degree and has planned thousands of lesson plans and now loves to help plan weddings. She has a nearly complete architecture degree, and is excited to include architectural details and sculptural form in her shots. 

From her first love of the magic of photography to her ongoing career, Karen regards photography as an addiction. The constant driving force behind the beauty of images. The NEXT shot will be the greatest shot ever. That perfect blend of emotion and lighting which honors the moment.

Maybe that NEXT shot will be you!

Karen and John have both had a passion for photography all their lives. Originally from New Zealand, they have lived, studied and worked in Australia before coming to the United States. For the last thirty years (except for a short time in Los Angeles) they have lived in Southwest Michigan in the village of Berrien Springs.

Karen and John have been longtime residents of the village of Berrien Springs. After purchasing studio lighting in the early 90's to create portraits of their two young children, Karen’s reputation of expertise and creativity quickly spread amongst their friends. In 1995 Karen opened HOPKINS STUDIO in downtown Berrien Springs.